Investor Relations

Since its listing on the stock exchange, the Company has believed that is both in its best interest and a duty to the market establishing a constant dialogue, based on the mutual understanding or roles, with all of shareholders and institutional investors: this dialogue is to be carried out in compliance with both the procedure for the disclosure of documents and information outside the Company and the principles included in the “Guide for market disclosures” and in recent regulatory measures and regulations on market disclosure.

To this regard, and also considering the Company's size, it was decided that this dialogue should be facilitated by the creation of specific Company structures.

Accordingly, the Company has set up the (I) Investor Relations Department, which currently reports to the CEO and has the task of keeping contacts with institutional investors under the responsibility of Antonio Colombi (Viale Egidio Galbani, 70, 00156 Rome - tel. 06 8313 9041 - fax 06 8313 9312 - e-mail: - and (II) a department for relations with general shareholders within the Corporate and Legal Affairs Department under the direction of Attorney Filomena Passeggio (Viale Egidio Galbani, 70 - tel. 06 8313 8136 – fax 06 8313 8218 e-mail: – (Articles 9.P.1, 9.P.2, and 9.C.1 of the Governance Code).

Furthermore, the Company has further encouraged dialogue with investors by creating a specific section in its website (, where they can find both financial information (financial statements, half year and quarterly reports and presentations to the financial community) and updated information and documents of interest to general shareholders (press releases, the Company structure, the Bylaws and regulations for Shareholders’ Meetings, Corporate Governance information and documents, the Code of Ethics and the Organizational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, distributed dividends, etc.