Work carried out in period

The most important work - still in progress - carried out during 2012 involved activities to reduce network congestion, connect new generating plants (especially those using renewable energy resources) and increase the reliability of the NTG with increased attention to environmental and safety issues.

Below is a summary of the main work in progress and the main work concluded in 2012:

  • new 380 kV “Sorgente-Rizziconi” submarine connection: the first phase of works in the station at Scilla (Calabria) was completed, with the operational start-up of the 150 kV section and the 150 kV cables; extension works were completed on the electricity station of Rizziconi (Calabria); works are approaching completion in the electricity station of Sorgente (Sicily); the organisation of the site for the station in Villafranca (Sicily) is underway. The first three-phase line of the underwater cable between Villafranca and Favazzina has been laid, with the first cable in fibre-optic. Construction is underway on the tunnel at Favazzina. Works for the implementation of the 380 kV aerial line in Calabria are 70% completed, and works are underway on the long-distance lines in Sicily, between Villafranca and Sorgente.
  • 380 kV stations for the connection of renewable sources plants: expansion of the 380/150 kV electricity stations of Deliceto and Brindisi Sud, implementation of new 380/150 kV stations at Castellaneta and 150 kV station of Stornara; opening of works on the electricity station of Erchie and start-up on 20 December of a bay for the provisional connection of the wind producer;
  • construction work in advanced stages on the new 380 kV double three-phase long-distance line joining the 380 kV stations of Trino in the province of Vercelli and Lacchiarella in the province of Milan, for a length of over 100 km;
  • installation completed on the two PST (System Phase Shifter) machines, one in the Foggia electricity station and the other in Villanova;
  • completion of the 380/150 kV station of Aliano and related connections; implementation of the 150 kV cable connections underway;
  • Cassano-Chiari: completion of the adjustment phase of the 220 kV power line interfering with the construction of the new BREBEMI motorway;
  • completion of installation of the following 380kV reactors of 285MVar: Scandale, Aurelia, Montalto, Santa Sofia and Feroleto.

Also in 2012, the following works were started:

  • construction of the 380 kV Foggia-Benevento power line: length approximately 85 km;
  • construction of the 380 kV Fereleto-Maida power line: length approximately 13 km;
  • construction of the various 150 kV cable connections, at the ES of Aliano (Basilicata), ES of Lacchiarella (Lombardy) and the ES of Villafranca (Sicily);
  • expansion with a further 150 kV section and installation of a new ATR for connecting new users at existing electricity stations of Foggia (Puglia) and Scandale (Calabria);
  • installation of a new 380kV reactor of 285MVar at the electricity station of Teramo;
  • a new 380/150 kV electricity station at Manfredonia (Puglia).