National Transmission Grid Development Plan

On 31 January 2012, in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Ministerial Decree of 20 April 2005 (Concession, as amended and updated with the Decree of the Ministry of Economic development of 15 December 2010) and by Italian Legislative Decree 93/2011, the Development Plan 2012 edition was sent to the competent authorities for approval.

The Plan (DP 2012), approved by the Terna BoD, involved consultation procedures with the User Consultation Committee12 (10 October 2011, 28 November 2011 and 10 February 2012).

In addition, in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 93 of 1 June 2011, two public sessions were held at the AEEG on 28 May 2012 and 18 June 2012 to present the 2012 DP for consultation purposes.

The 2012 DP has the same basic structure of the previous edition, i.e. two sections:

  • 2012 Development Plan - Section I which describes the reference situation, the forecast scenarios and the new development needs which became evident during 2011 and a specific section, under the terms of the National Action Plan for renewable energies, regarding development of the NTG for full use of the energy produced by systems using renewable resources;
  • Stage of progress of previous plans - Section II which illustrates the state of progress of work provided for in previous Development Plans and which includes the work proposed in the 2011 DP, already subject to the Strategic Environmental Evaluation procedure (Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006).

As regards the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Plan, it can be noted that the 2012 DP contains two changes, with respect to the 2011 edition: the environmental characterisation of the new needs (in Section I), and the environmental analyses relating to the actions envisaged in previous Plans (in Section II), with particular reference to those in consultation for which the stage of progress of the activities is presented. In this way we intend to implement the integration of environmental considerations into the process and into the planning document, in accordance with the purposes of Directive 2001/42/EC, establishing the SEA procedure. This change is coordinated with the new philosophy of the 2012 Environmental Report which, with respect to the previous editions, tends to assume the nature of a Plan, typical of the SEA, instead of focusing on assessing the single actions.

The Ten-Year Network Development Plan of the European electricity grid (TYNDP 2012 edition) was prepared under the ENTSO-E with Terna's direct involvement in the context of the Regional Forums: Continental Central South (of which Terna is coordinator and a member) and Continental South East (of which Terna is a member). On 5 July 2012 the TYNDP 2012 edition was published on the Entso-E website, complete with the Regional Investment Plans and the document on the adequacy of the European electricity grid, in addition to the "pilot" edition of the European Network Code, in accordance with the provisions of the European Community Regulation regarding the "Third Energy Package”.

The 2012 DP envisages investments of around €4.1 billion (including investments envisaged for the installation of diffused accumulation systems) in the period 2012-2016, and €3.8 billion in the five years thereafter. Implementation of the Development Plan will increase the size of the NTG by adding approximately 5,250 km of new lines and 157 new stations with a transformation capacity of around 44,800 MVA.


(12) The User Consultation Committee, established by the Italian Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 May 2004, expresses a non-binding opinion on the Development Plan as required by the Competition and the Market Authority Decision No. 14542 of 4 August 2005.