Resolutions of the Authority for Electricity and Gas

Resolution 5/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority approved the proposals presented by Terna to amend Sections 4 and 7 of the Code of Transmission, Dispatching, Development and Security of the Network and Attachment A 25 relating, in particular, to the rules of the Network Code concerning the values of the threshold parameters for calculating the unit price of failure to observe the switch-on order and to the methods of determining binding input or withdrawal programmes. 

Resolution 31/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority, also following the guideline issued by the Ministry for Economic Development, aimed at reducing natural gas consumption in the thermoelectric sector and at guaranteeing secure supplies to households and businesses, defined the criteria according to which users of the dispatching in possession of the plants involved must formulate offers on the electricity market, also in order to specify the measures adopted by Terna on operation of said market. In particular, the resolution states that a user of the dispatching, in possession of one or more plants involved, shall formulate offers on the Dispatching Service Market, observing the constraints and criteria defined by Terna, in accordance with the Guideline. Movements on the Dispatching Service Market, carried out in accordance with the measure in question are excluded from the movements significant for calculation of the bonuses and penalties, pursuant to Order no. 351 of 2007. 

Resolution 36/2012/E/com

By this measure the Authority introduced a number of changes to Attachment A to the order of the Authority no. 11 of 2007 (Integrated Unbundling Rules - IURs), aimed at introducing measures applicable in the event of non-fulfilment of the obligations of functional and accounting separation, in order to orient regulated companies to complying with the obligations provided for in the IURs according to the methods and within the terms provided for in said Integrated Rules. Of particular significance is the provision relating to suspension of contribution payments by the Electricity Industry Adjustment Fund in the event of non-compliance with the rules on the subject of administrative and accounting separation, up to presentation of separate annual accounts, according to the methods laid down in the IURs. The suspension does not apply to payments in relation to which the regulated subject is called upon to perform a role of mere intermediary of amounts not destined for it. There remains, in these cases, the possibility for the Authority to initiate specific sanction proceedings against non-compliant operators, on the basis of Article 2(20)(c) of Italian Law no. 481 of 1995.

Resolution 50/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority completed the procedure relating to determination of the bonuses and penalties for Terna for the year 2010, on the subject of transmission service quality. More specifically, the resolution determines:

  • the annual values and the effective levels of the transmission service quality indicators;
  • the incentives and penalties relating to the electricity transmission service quality for the year 2010, under the terms of Article 8 of Attachment A to Order no. 341 of 2007, taking account of the provisions of Article 9 of said Annex A on the subject of excess and risk limitation mechanisms.

Resolution 66/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority updated the transitory rules on remuneration of electricity generation capacity, for the year 2011, and made changes and additions to the integrated rules on the monitoring of the wholesale electricity market, as regards delegated powers to offer on the day-ahead market. More specifically, the resolution:

  • places on the delegating user of the dispatching, instead of on the delegated market operators, the obligation to declare to GME (the energy markets manager) the portions of hourly available capacity of each unit with respect to which the user of the dispatching has delegated power to offer on the day-ahead market;
  • modifies the criteria by which Terna must determine the value of the parameters for determining the unit price for the year 2011, specifying that the remaining available amounts of 2010 must be allocated in full to cover the expenses deriving from payment of the prices for each market operator for the year 2012;
  • states that Terna must update the band division table so as to take account of the necessary calendar adjustments and must send a proposal to the Authority.

Resolution 79/2012/R/com

By this resolution the Authority approved the regulations on operation of the “Integrated Information System” prepared by the Single Buyer as manager of said system. In this regard it should be recalled that Italian Law no. 129 of 2010 provided for the establishment, at the Single Buyer, of an Integrated Information System (IIS) to manage the information flows related to the electricity and natural gas markets, based on a database of withdrawal points and data identifying the final customers and that with Order ARG/com 201 of 2010 the Authority had defined the general criteria, the operating model and the organisational model of the IIS and identified the Single Buyer as the IIS Manager.

The categories of subjects identified by the resolution as IIS Users, and therefore obliged to register with the system, are Terna, distributor companies, users of the dispatching and primary providers.

The resolution, in approving the Regulations, defers to a subsequent provision the definition of performance of the further preparatory activities functional to completion of the accreditation and population of the Official Central Register (OCR) of the IIS.

Resolutions 84/2012/R/eel, 165/2012/R/eel, 344/2012/R/eel and 562/2012/R/eel

By these measures, the Authority took urgent action relating to electricity production plants, with particular reference to distributed generation, to guarantee the security of the National Electrical System. In particular, by resolution 84/2012/R/eel – as supplemented by resolution 165/2012/R/eel – the Authority approved the proposals presented by Terna relating to three new Attachments to the Network Code, specifically:

  • Attachment A.68, containing “Photovoltaic production plants. Minimum requirements for connection and operation in parallel with the HV grid”;
  • Attachment A.69, containing “Criteria for connecting production plants to the Terna defence system”;
  • Attachment A.70, containing “Technical Regulations and distributed generation system requirements”, specifying that this attachment must be applied in accordance with the terms and methods provided for in the measure.

As regards this last attachment, the Authority stresses that the most urgent action, for the purposes of the security of the National Electrical System, is to expand the field of operation (in terms of frequency and voltage) of the production plants connected to the LV and MV grids and provides for a gradual approach for complete application of the measure. More precisely, the resolution distinguishes, as regards the scope of application of the document, between new plants (defined as plants connected to the LV and MV grids that come on stream after 31 March 2012) and existing plants (identified as plants connected to or to be connected to the LV and MV grids on stream on 31 March 2012).

On the basis of the provisions of the resolution, Attachment A.70 to the Network Code applies, with certain distinctions, to new plants and existing plants connected in MV and with power of more than 50 kW. Owners of existing plants, which are obliged in any case to comply by 31 March 2013, are paid a fee, in exchange for compliance with the requirements by 30 June 2012, which is set at €2,000 or €5,000; if compliance occurs after 30 June 2012 but before 31 October 2012 they are paid a gradually decreasing bonus, on a monthly basis, compared to that specified above.

By resolution 344/2012/R/eel, the Authority subsequently approved:

  • the updated version of Attachment A.70 in order to take account of critical aspects in the application of some of the requirements of the attachment, in particular for conventional rotating plants and wind power plants.
  • Appendix A.72 incorporating the Procedure for the Reduction of Distributed Generation in emergency situations of the National Electricity System (RIGEDI) prepared by Terna following the user reference process. Appendix A.72 defines the methods by which the reduction in production by distributed generation plants connected to the medium voltage electricity grids is to be implemented in order to guarantee the safety of the national electricity system where specific critical operating conditions arise.

By resolution 562/2012/R/eel, the Authority amended resolution 84/2012/R/eel with the purpose of specifying the time limits for the application of the parts of the new version of the CEI 0-16 standard (Edition III) which are innovative and have not yet been made mandatory under the aforementioned resolution, further providing for the adoption of two subsequent measures respectively on the procedures for:

  • implementation by producers and distribution companies which dispose of one or more primary cabins or systems enabling the transmission of signals for the purposes of remote cut-off, in critical situations for the electrical grid, of production installations with a power output exceeding 100kW which are connected to MV in order to enable the improved application of Attachment A.72 to the Network Code;
  • adaptation to certain requirements provided for under Attachment A.70 to the Network Code in cases involving production installations already in operation on 31 March 2012 which are connected to the LV network or connected to the MV network with a power output of up to 50 kW.

Resolution 102/2012/R/eel

By this measure, under the terms of Article 36 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 93 of 2011, the Authority adopted specific rules in relation to the public consultation methods of Terna's Draft Development Plan, providing in particular for:

  • publication, after giving notice, of the Draft Development Plan prepared by Terna on the Authority's website;
  • the minimum contents of the version of the DP to be submitted for consultation;
  • a period of consultation with the subjects involved during which one or more public sessions shall be organised for Terna to present the DP;
  • publication of the results of the consultation through publication on the Authority's website of the observations on the draft ten-year Plan received.

Resolution 132/2012/R/com

By this measure, the Authority identified the minimum set of details to be entered and updated in the OCR managed by the Single Buyer. In the initial stage the Authority provides for a simplification in order to establish datasets regarding the withdrawal points served as part of the enhanced protection service, reserving the definition of methods and time-scales for completion for a subsequent measure.

The measure also states that, until the processes that enable constant updating of the data constituting the OCR come into operation, regular updates of the data will be carried out monthly.

Resolution 157/2012/R/eel

By that measure, the Authority approved the reference tariffs for the electricity distribution service for 2012, set the parameters for equalization of measurement revenues, ordered the adjustment of the transmission revenues to be paid for 2012, and corrected some material errors discovered in Attachments A and B to resolution ARG/elt 199/11, (hereafter referred to respectively as TIT and TIME).

As regards the adjustment of transmission revenues to be paid for 2012, for this purpose the resolution takes into account the inclusion in the NTG, during 2010, of networks which were previously within the distribution perimeter, which will be considered for the purposes of determining the transmission tariff starting from the year 2013, while for the year 2012 the related revenues will be paid to Terna in the context of the mechanism guaranteeing the level of revenues to be paid introduced with Order ARG/elt no. 188 of 2008 and extended by Order ARG/elt 199/11.

Resolution 164/2012/R/eel

In this measure the Authority:

  • quantified the amount of final cost to be paid to Terna for performing the monitoring activity;
  • quantified the income deriving from the difference between final costs to be paid to Terna and the costs estimated in the budget for the same year 2011;
  • established that the income as per the previous point is to be recovered through the fee for Terna's operations for the year 2013.

Resolution 179/2012/R/eel

In this measure the Authority approved the draft "Rules for Intraday Capacity Allocation by Explicit Auctions on North Italian Borders", containing the operating procedures aimed at implementing a mechanism of explicit auctions for intraday transport capacity allocation on the interconnections with Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Resolution 180/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority intervened in the annual unavailability planning process. In particular:

  • for the year 2012 it brought forward a number of deadlines in relation to transmission of unavailability requests by National Transmission Grid owners, grid operators with obligations to connect third parties and dispatching users and to the adoption by Terna of the provisional annual unavailability resolution;
  • states that by 31 January 2013, Terna must send, after specific consultation, a proposal to amend the Network Code regarding the chronology of activities connected with unavailability planning, to be applied starting from 2013.

The resolution also changes some of the time-scales applicable to the process of identifying units essential for system security and on the subject of preparing forecast data for wholesale market monitoring.

Resolution 213/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority amended certain provisions of Attachment A to the Resolution of the Authority for Electricity and Gas of 30 July 2009, ARG/elt no. 107 of 2009 (Integrated Settlement Rules - ISRs), with reference to economic settlement of the load profiling adjustment items, the determination of economic items relating to adjusting measurement data and aggregating incentives.

Finally, the Authority states that Terna must supplement and modify the agreement for the measurement aggregation service - Attachment A58 to the Network Code - in accordance with the rules in the resolution.

Resolution 217/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority approved the drafts of the Pentalateral Agreement and the Bilateral Agreement containing operating procedures of the market coupling mechanism on the Italy-Slovenia interconnection, for the period from 1 June 2012 to 31 December 2012, provided that GME does not apply any fee on transactions carried out by Terna in its role as Shipping Agent on the Italy-Slovenia interconnection in order to indemnify Terna effectively for the costs incurred in performing said role. The resolution also lays down a number of specific rules in order to guarantee Terna the liquidity necessary to manage the system of payments connected with the market coupling and on the subject of the flows between the subjects involved.

Resolutions 226/2012/R/eel and 328/2012/R/eel

By these resolutions, which lay down rules for connection to production plant networks, the Authority amended the Integrated Text of Network Connections [Testo Integrato delle Connessioni Attive – TICA] set forth in Resolution no. 99 of 2008, following the suspension granted by the Council of State to a number of claimants, in relation to application of the network capacity booking fees.

In particular, in these measures the Authority stipulated that network capacity must be definitively booked at the end of the procedure for authorisation to build and operate a production plant, whilst in any case providing for an initial period, of a different length depending on the voltage level at which the power will be supplied, during which the technical solution for connection remains valid and enables temporary booking of the related network capacity. Moreover:

  • certain simplifications of the connection procedure in the case of plants with a power of up to 1 MW are specified;
  • the activities and responsibilities of the applicants requesting the connection and grid managers are specified in greater detail, limiting revision of the technical solution for connection;
  • provisions have been reintroduced concerning cases where the estimates accepted in relation to failure to comply with timing for the start-up of the authorisation procedure and the start-up of works developing the production plant are forfeited and forfeiture due to failure to update the grid manager on the progress made on proceedings.

The measures will also apply to pending applications. 

Resolution 228/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority ascertained achievement by Terna of the milestones in the work of developing the National Transmission Grid envisaged for 2011 in the context of the incentive mechanism to accelerate investments under the terms of Resolution ARG/elt 130/10, in order to confirm the higher remuneration of investments in progress belonging to the I=3 category at 31 December 2010. This higher remuneration was already included in the 2012 transmission tariffs on a prudential basis. 

Resolutions 235/2012/R/com, 314/2012/R/com, 250/2012/R/com and 6/2013/R/com

By these measures the Authority adopted urgent provisions in favour of the populations affected by the earthquakes occurring on or after 20 May 2012. In particular, for users located in the Municipalities damaged by the earthquakes, starting from 20 May 2012, the deadlines for payment of invoices issued or to be issued in relation to sectors within the electricity, gas and water industries have been suspended, and provision has been made for beneficial tariff arrangements, payment by instalment and beneficial connection services.

Resolutions 188/2012/E/com and 243/2012/E/com

By these measures the Authority intervened to govern complaint procedures and sanction proceedings. In particular, by resolution no. 188/2012/E/com, the Authority laid down rules for dealing with complaints presented by operators against grid owners in order to comply with the provisions of Article 44, paragraph 3 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 93 of 2011 which gives the Authority the task of issuing specific directives to govern dispute resolution procedures deriving from complaints presented against Grid Operators.

By Resolution 243/2012/E/com the Authority adopted the new regulations governing sanction proceedings and procedural methods for assessing commitments that the addressees of resolutions launching sanction proceedings may present in order to avoid the sanctions. 

Resolution 281/2012/R/efr

By this measure, the Authority defined a first regulation of the electricity dispatching service also for production plants powered by non-programmable renewable sources. More specifically, in promoting a greater assumption of responsibility for producers in relation to the efficient provision of electricity released to the grid and a regulation of the most cost reflective imbalances, it foresees, as from 2013, the extension of the application of imbalance fees to include production plants using non-programmable renewable sources. In order to guarantee a gradual application of the measure, the provision defines a transition period with the application of allowances within which the imbalances continue to be valued at the area price.

Resolution 283/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority adopted urgent provisions in relation to the procedure initiated by it regarding the containment of gas consumption in the thermo-electric sector during the gas emergency. The resolution seeks to clarify the criteria for measuring offers accepted on the market for dispatching services, with reference to the thermoelectric plants affected by the gas emergency of February 2012, recognising users of the dispatching owners of these plants, in order to make financial exposure less burdensome, an advance on the economic items relating to movements connected with the emergency.

By this provision, the Authority also took action in relation to the fees to cover the costs of essential units.

Resolution 288/2012/R/eel

By this resolution, the Authority laid down the procedure and selection criteria of pilot projects in relation to the storage systems admitted to the incentives envisaged by Article 22.5 of TIT. The resolution specified the minimum selection requirements and optional requirements over and above the minimums that will constitute a preferential requirement for admission to the incentives and defined the various steps of the admission procedure.

The resolution also regulated the appointment, duties and fees of the independent commission of experts in charge of assessing and selecting the individual pilot projects on the transmission grid, according to the criteria identified by the resolution.

Resolution 298/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority set out a series of determinations on the requests for an advance payment on the replenishment price, in relation to the essential systems for 2011. The resolution also contains some changes in relation to the variable cost items recognised for 2011 and 2012.

The Resolution also envisages the institution of a conformity control in relation to the amount of the contribution margin relating to the unit under the regime of the replenishment of costs and makes such changes to the regulation on the maximum number of the most significant functioning structures, for the identification of groupings of essential plants by Terna.

Resolution 299/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority altered the method used to calculate the compensation mechanism of the average expense for the price for the assignment of rights to use the transport capacity on the previous day's market (CCT), within the ambit of the electricity dispatching service, in accordance with the Council of State judgement no. 1212 of 2010. More specifically, at the request of the parties concerned, the Authority has ordered Terna to make the calculations and settle the economic items in relation to this provision.

Resolution 339/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority adopted urgent measures on the adaptation of services measuring electricity produced and released to the grid. More specifically, some changes have been made to TIME (the Consolidated Law on Metering) in terms of the responsibility for installation and maintenance and collection, validation, registration and making available of meter data for plants started-up as from 27 August 2012 in order to implement the provisions of the Fifth Energy Account.

Resolutions 342/2012/R/eel and 401/2012/R/eel

By resolution no. 342/2012/R/eel, the Authority defined urgent measures to regulate the imbalance of electricity and launched a fact-finding investigation on the trend in the electricity market in Sardinia. More specifically, the Authority has ordered Terna:

  • to exclude the quantities and prices relating to the use of the secondary reserve from the calculation of imbalance prices and to redefine the price of failure to comply with dispatching orders in order to prevent enabled units from gaining advantage from failing to disburse the secondary reserve;
  • to review Chapter 7 of the Grid Code, specifying in detail exactly what formulas are used to calculate each dispatching price, including that for imbalances;
  • to prepare and send the Authority a new proposal for settling effective imbalances.

The Authority has also launched a fact-finding investigation aimed both at ascertaining any speculation by one or more dispatching users and at identifying a more efficient, effective method for regulating effective imbalances. The time limit for the conclusion of these investigations has been set at 31 December 2012.

By Resolution 401/2012/R/eel, the Authority subsequently launched a fact-finding investigation aimed at identifying the technical causes underlying the critical issues characterising the Sardinian electrical system. To carry out the investigation, the Authority will use a specific technical consultancy of an external party. The time limit for the conclusion of the investigation has been set at 31 March 2013.

Resolution 354/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority ordered the dismissal of Terna's request for the definition of a specific remuneration for all its plants coming under the scope of the National Transmission Grid, in accordance with Article 21(6) of Italian Law Decree no. 1 of 2012.

Resolution 389/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority asked Terna to extend the convention with the company Idroelettrica Valcanale for the supply of dispatching resources provided by the Company to assure continuity of electrical service in the territorial area assigned. The new expiry date has been established as 31 December 2014 without prejudice to the early termination of the effects of the agreement, if, prior to expiry, the conditions set out therein for the termination should be met. 

Resolution 400/2012/R/eel

With this provision, the Authority has passed resolutions on essential plants and defined changes and supplements to the reference regulations, pursuant to Resolution 111 of 2006.

More specifically, for 2013, it has established the values of technical-economic parameters relevant to the application of the regulations of alternative remuneration to typical regimes (i.e. the stipulation of contracts) and has notified Terna of these and all operators concerned.

Resolution 435/2012/R/eel

By this measure, according to the provisions of Article 6 of resolution ARG/elt 197/11 on the quality of the transmission service, the Authority set the starting levels and target levels of certain quality indicators for the transmission service (ENSR-TERNA and ENSR-TERNA RETE ITALIA S.R.L.) for the period 2012-2015.

Resolution 439/2012/R/EEL

By this measure, the Authority set forth the criteria for determining the fee due as remuneration for thermo-electrical units which have been subject to measures adopted during the gas emergency of February 2012.

Resolution 454/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority approved the proposal by Terna regarding the implementation of the allocation procedures for hedging instruments used against the volatility risk of the fee for assignment of the rights of use of transmission capacity (CCC) and in transmission from limited production sites and nearby areas (CCP) for 2013..

In confirming the mechanism from the previous year, the proposal introduced the possibility for operators holding production capacity at a limited production site to hedge against the risk of price volatility not only between the site and the adjacent area, but also between the adjacent area and the Uniform National Price.

In fact, for areas adjacent to limited production sites, the maximum quantity of CCC which may be allocated on a monthly basis will be increased by an amount equal to the annual CCPs for the relative limited production sites owned by the operator as a result of the annual allocation and any purchases or sales of CCP concluded with other operators.

Resolution 482/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority approved the documents relating to the introduction of a capacity market drawn up and submitted by Terna pursuant to resolution ARG/elt/98/11.

In particular, the Authority approved the Draft Rules, the relative Attachments, the Technical Report and the starting points for consultation included in the Report and requested Terna to supplement the Starting Points for Consideration by inserting three further proposals relating to the ability to register as a relevant production unit installations with a rated output not exceeding 10 MVA, the elimination of the reduction of dedicated capacity in line with the load factor of the system and direct participation of demand in the market for capacity.

Resolution 505/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority granted Terna €929,243 to cover the costs estimated for 2013 of carrying on activities necessary for the conduct of the monitoring function for wholesale electricity markets.

Resolution 507/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority decided, in relation to the reintegration of costs pertaining to essential installations, to extend the deadline after which the proposals sent by Terna to the Authority for 2013 on the values of the standard parameters for determining the variable cost accepted and requests to amend those parameters submitted by users of the dispatching units concerned will be deemed to have been approved.

Resolution 530/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority approved the updated versions of attachments A.54 – Classification and registration of user interruptions related directly or indirectly to the national transmission grid – and A.66 – Procedure for determining the mitigation services provided to distributor companies – to the Network Code which were drawn up by Terna. 

Resolution 531/2012/R/eel

By that measure, the Authority decided to grant preliminary certification to Terna as an operator of the electricity transmission grid under separate ownership. The measure also specified several requirements regarding in particular certain amendments to the Articles of Association and existing agreements with the owners of portions of the transmission grid.

Resolution 557/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority altered the mechanism for awarding operating costs relating to the Consolidated Records Management System of Production Plants (known as GAUDÌ system), providing in advance for the remuneration forecast for the regulatory period 2013-2015.

The new mechanism provides for the identification of two different types of operating cost: ordinary operating costs and other operating costs. 

The GAUDÌ quota of the DIS fee to be paid for 2013 was set at €512,846, corresponding to the difference between the costs estimated for 2013 and the saving obtained from the difference between the costs reported in the closing accounts and those estimated for 2011, as quantified under resolution 506/2012/R/eel.

The GAUDÌ quota of the DIS fee (i.e. the fee covering costs to operate Terna) to be paid for 2014 and 2015 has been set at €1,065,660 for each year, which must be increased (or reduced) by the excess cost (or saving) resulting from the difference between the operating costs reported in the closing accounts and those forecast, which will be determined respectively with reference to 2012 and 2013.

Resolution 564/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority altered the algorithm used for calculating the further fee to remunerate electricity generating capacity starting from 2010, without prejudice however to any additional fee payments recognised to date under the terms of applicable legislation relating to 2010 and 2011.

Resolution 565/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority updated the tariffs for transmission services (deferring the adoption, if applicable, of the binomial tariff until 2014),the distribution and metering of electricity and the financial terms under which the connection service will be provided in 2013. The resolution also provides for certain amendments to the integrated text of metering services (TIME) and the integrated text on financial terms for the provision of the connection service (TIC).

Resolution 570/2012/R/efr

By this measure, the Authority specified the arrangements and financial terms for 2013 applicable to the provision of the in situ exchange service with the goal of reviewing the procedures applicable to the reimbursement of general system charges and of simplifying their usage also for installations that have already entered into service, thereby implementing the provisions laid down under the Ministerial Decree of 6 July 2012. 

Resolution 576/2012/R/eel

By this measure, the Authority updated, in relation to 2013, the dispatching fees, amended and supplemented certain provisions of the TIS and of resolution no. 111 of 2006 and set the fees to cover the costs for remunerating available capacity, the interruptibility service, the essential units eligible for cost reimbursement and the ITC fee.

Resolution 581/2012/R/com

By that measure the Authority:

  • updated the rate pursuant to Article 4, paragraph 1-bis, of Italian Law no. 368 of 2003 for 2013 (compensatory measures for locations hosting nuclear power stations and installations from the nuclear fuel cycle);
  • updated the values of certain tariff elements relating to the gas and electricity sectors;
  • updated the compensation values for the cost incurred to supply electricity to customers from the electrical industry suffering hardship during 2013;
  • updated the compensation values for the cost incurred to supply gas to domestic customers suffering economic hardship during 2013;
  • altered the rate used for calculating default interest, to be applied in the Authority’s measures starting from 1 January 2013.

Resolution 582/2012/R/eel

By this measure the Authority specified the essential units which are to be eligible for cost reimbursement for 2013.

Resolution 583/2012/R/EEL

By this measure the Authority updated certain components of the “marketing and sale price” to be charged to non-domestic end customers receiving the enhanced protection service, with regard to the marketing costs incurred by an operator on the open market.