Qualification of plants

The Gaudì system (Gestione delle Anagrafiche Uniche Degli Impianti di produzione, Consolidated Records Management System of Production Plants ) was established by AEEG with resolution 124 of 2010 and became operational in its first version in January 2011. The objective of the system is to integrate plants and production units, both important and unimportant, in compliance with the provisions of AEEG resolutions 205/08, 124/10 and 125/10.

2012 saw a significant evolution of the Plants Qualification Process, run through the Gaudì platform and in line with the project roadmap set out by AEEG resolution 148 of 2011. The resolution introduced the concepts of qualification and certification of data recorded in the system, imposed by the Active Connections Integrated Text (ACIT), envisaging the direct responsibility of the producer in the recording of data and the direct involvement of the Grid Operator in the validation process. In 2012, the Process underwent the following important revisions: the management and validation of the data, also for the purposes of measurement and reclassification of the commercial categories of GSE, in compliance with resolution 281/12 and the introduction of all the important features required to manage the entire life cycle of the plants in operation.

The next important objectives, set for 2013, are: the total alignment of master data with the Distributors and GSE, the complete integration of the process with company systems that use data of plants and production units in operation, the implementation of proper reporting that, as well as providing information on the status of the data, is capable of illustrating growth trends in the various energy production sectors.