Provisioning of dispatching resources

In 2012, provisioning of resources for the dispatching service on the DSM amounted to 10.8 TWh purchased (+25% yoy) and 12.8 TWh sold (-26% yoy), for total net expenses of €1,292 million (+54% yoy).

Volumes and expenses were characterised by the following division into stages:

  • DSM planning stage (known as ex-ante DSM) 5.8 TWh purchased and 3.4 TWh sold, with associated net expenses of €859 million;
  • Balancing Market (BM) 5.0 TWh purchased and 9.3 TWh sold, with associated net expenses of €433 million.

ASM ex-ante MB

Pursuant to Article 44 of AEEG Resolution No. 111/06 and subsequent amendments, the net expense associated with energy items is charged pro-rata to users of the dispatching on withdrawal by applying the Price for provisioning of resources on the Dispatching Services Market (known as the Uplift).

The main energy items that combine to determine the Uplift are the procurement of services on the DSM and energy purchase/sale to offset imbalances, imbalance prices, congestion rent and related financial coverage (known as CCT, CCC, CCP and DCT), the cost of the virtual interconnection service (known as Interconnector, Shipping).

The chart below shows the revenue from invoicing the Uplift (“Turnover”) and the final cost of the energy items on the Uplift (“Costs”) also in unitary terms. The invoicing of the Uplift takes place by applying a fee to withdrawals, set by Terna, to cover competence costs in advance and for previous months. The December 2012 figures are based on provisional data for the year.


Revenues & Costs