Coverage of demand

The maximum power requirement in 2012 was 54,113 MW (4.2% down on 2012), recorded on 13 July at 6 p.m.



In 2012 the demand for power was covered with adequate production margins. Adequacy of the system is guaranteed by Terna as part of the process of planning the non-availability of grid elements in coordination with the non-availability of generation and considering production by plants using renewable sources as well as by distributed generation.


Foreign trade recorded net imports down by approximately 2.6 TWh compared with the previous year.

  • A 41% increase was also recorded in the price spread between the Italian energy market and the cross-border markets with an average 2012 price of:
  • 75.3 €/MWh (+4% yoy) on the Italian energy exchange (IPEX);
  • 46.0 €/MWh (-6%) on the French exchange (PNX);
  • 41.7 €/MWh (-18%) on the German exchange (PNX);

The difference between the energy price on the Italian Stock Market and that of the European, French and German stock markets, is justified by the different generation fleet, characterised in Italy by greater production costs, hence the prevalence of import trade. The exceeding of the French price and the approach of the German price recorded last February can be attributed to a major increase in the demand and to the harsh temperatures. Vice versa, the distancing of these same prices recorded last December is due to a supply of wind power plants in Germany that for some hours also resulted in negative prices on the German stock exchange (i.e. the wind power manufacturer pays to sell the energy).


The week start-end on the graph is “Monday to Sunday”