Industrial relations

Relations between Terna and the trade unions at company level are governed by the Protocol on industrial relations which defines a system of relations based on negotiations, debate, consultation, preventive and/or periodic information.

The industrial relations activity was characterised, in 2012, by discussions with the national trade union Secretariats on the subject of the new corporate framework of the Terna Group which ended - after the procedure provided for in Art. 47 of Italian Law No. 428/90 as regards rental of the business unit by Terna S.p.A. to Terna Rete Italia S.p.A. with the signing of a written agreement.

During the second half of 2012, negotiations began on the renewal of the national collective bargaining agreement (CCNL) for the electricity industry, which expired on 31 December 2012. Discussions were also commenced with the national trade union secretaries of the Operations Divisions of Terna Rete Italia. Finally, on 20 November 2012 an important agreement was signed with the national secretaries of the trade unions in order to consolidate a participatory industrial relations model, involving shared training objectives, and also to implement training plans and obtain funding for these programmes through Fondimpresa.