Equal opportunities

Terna adopts recruitment, staff development and pay policies that reward and recognise personal merit and performance. Any form of discrimination, starting from recruitment to fill vacancies within the Group, is expressly prohibited by the Group's Code of Ethics.

The vast majority of employees are men, due to the traditional lack of availability of female employees in the more technical professions. However, the number of women is rising, partly as a reflection of the general trend on the job market, which is seeing a greater participation by women in the workplace.

At the end of 2012, there were 392 women in the Terna Group. The percentage of women out of the total number of Terna employees in Italy was 9.0% at the end of 2005, and has risen steadily to 11.4% at the end of 2012. This growth also included the higher-qualified positions with more responsibility: women in executive and managerial positions account for 17.3%.

During 2012, the percentage of women hired, out of the total of new employees (net of production workers) was 31.3%, a level far higher than the percentage of women already present in the company (again, net of production workers).

Percentage figures

2012 2011 Change
Women out of total no. of employees      
Women out of total 11.4 11.1 0.3
Women out of total, net of production workers 15.8 15.4 0.4
Female executives out of total no. of directors 15.3 16.7 -1.4
Female executives and managers out of total executives and managers 17.3 17.1 0.2
Managerial positions %      
Female executives out of total no. of women 2.3 2.6 -0.3
Male executives out of total no. of men (excluding production workers) 2.4 2.4 -